Lama’s Way

Lama's Way

Poor Lama was punished and sent to the very bottom of the Underworld for her terrestrial sins!”Why didn’t you share food with other Lamas? Why did you use bad language and why didn’t you have respect for older Lamas?
Why? WHY???” – these questions spin in Lama’s head every time she jumps up.

Asteroid Life

Asteroid Life

In Asteroid Life you assume a form of an asteroid. In your journey through space you go by collecting smaller asteroids and avoiding planets, black holes and stars. By collecting asteroid you grow your mass and have higher chances of survival. You use several perks to evolve and become more efficient.


  • 3 Perks
  • 4 Attributes that can each be upgraded 5 times.
  • Every time you advance in your level you gain an attribute point and every 5 levels a perk point. (20lvl max)


  • WASD or Arrow keys for movement
  • Shift – decreases in size and if you have Projectile perk – shoots a projectile.
  • Space – uses the magnetic field, if you have the perk, to collect asteroids.