Raars memory game

Raars memory game

A cute but challanging memory game for all ages with everybody’s favourite lion Raar.

How to play. Just click on the cards and try to find a match. You play against a computer opponent.

Take a pair of Raars and get extra points.
Take a pair of hearts and get extra life.

I’ve added difficulty settings so now everybody has a chance to beat the computer.


The computer doesn’t cheat and play by the same rules as you.

Caring Carol – Baby Girl

Caring Carol - Baby Girl

This cute baby girl played in her sandpit all afternoon so she got quite dirty. Can you take care of her and give her a complete makeover? First give her a good warm bath. You must use all the items in the right order or she will be unhappy and start crying. After that, you must groom her with the right care products. Finally you can dress her up by selecting some lovely clothing items.