Luvi’s Dream

Luvi's Dream

Play fun with Luvi’s Dream matching game regularly and you will see your retention, memory skills improve, concentration levels rise and will have a better ability to focus easily.


– 25 Challenging levels

– Bonus Levels

– The game has five different themes

– Including Life and Time

– When the level is complete, the game will automatically save itself. When you quit the game at some particular level. You can continue the same level, just click the continue button on the intro page whenever you start again.

Game Instructions:

– Match the Same Box by Click.

– Same Match = 100 points.

– Miss Match = -30 points.

– Open and Close the same card to reveal the card.

– Complete the Levels with in the mention time.


Shoot the Smileys

Shoot the Smileys

Explosions, Random Smileys, Unlimited Levels, and Non-Stop Fun? Yea That’s This Game 😀 100% pure fun fast easy casual game. Shoot the Smileys before they reach the left side of the screen or you lose a life and your current streak. However how high can you score and rank up against the WORLD?! Yea, well let’s see.

Civiballs 2

Civiballs 2


In Civiballs 2, you face complex and fun challenges in the lands of Romans, Vikings and Inca. A great physics puzzle game with entangling 30 levels. Cut chains and use various ingenious tools to get all of the colored balls into the correct vases.


NEW IN CIVIBALLS 2: Balloons, catapults, windmills, water fountain, bouncing mats
ice luges, viking ships, strongbow, Volcano…and much more!