Free Bird – Flap For Freedom

Free Bird - Flap For Freedom

Simple but hard flappy game with pixel art graphics where you need to collect keys that are hidden on eggs to rescue more birds.rnrnHow to play:rnjust click or press up on keyboard to fly and dodge obstacles, hit eggs that you find on your way. rnrnEach bird has its own strengths and weaknesses,find the one that suits you!.rnrn* blue bird – balancedrn* red bird – slow but unpredictablern* green bird – very fastrn* purple bird – wants to fly awayrn* dark blue bird – changes its sizernrnget hidden keys that are inside the eggs to unlock the…rnrn* secret dark bird – destroys obstacles with his power.rn* secret white bird – uses random invisibility to avoid obstacles. rnrnbeat your best score and enjoy!rn

DooDoo Pipe 3 : Return

DooDoo Pipe 3 : Return

Point’n’click game.
The alien has got in accident and needs your help to get back home.
Assemble a new spaceship and calculate a route of flight.
Try to search around to find items and solve puzzles.
Any puzzles are solved simply, for any – look the Wikipedia.
Items can be combined in attach.
Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game.
Good luck!



Can you master also the third part of popular puzzle logic game Pipe it?

By taping the blocks, connect them all together! All the lights (end of the blocks) must be turned off for a correct connection.

Mobile Features:

after leaving the game and relaunching you are asked if you want to continue from your last position (game is saved at the beginning of each level) or start from beginning

– you can pause the game, the game is paused after leaving the full-screen (during gameplay)

– fullscreen on start and continue buttons (only for cell phones)

– added buttons to zoom in/out and buttons to move the game area left/right/up/down for easier playing