Pillbox is a fast-paced shooter game with a pixelated graphics style. The players have to use different kinds of weapons, special abilities and power-ups to survive waves of enemy units.

SuppliesĀ (weapons, abilities, etc.) can be bought and upgraded with the cash gained from neutralizing enemy units.


  • 12 levels with 3 difficulty settings
  • Bonus cash reward for completing a level without being hit even once
  • Various enemy types, infantry and tanks
  • Different kinds of weapons, including a shotgun and an RPG launcher
  • Special abilities, such as freezing enemies or calling air support
  • Random power-ups that can help in tough situations: medical kits, bombs, etc.
  • 3 levels of upgrades for weapons, abilities and other, general attributes, like maximum health or power-up drop chance


  • Mouse: Aim and shoot
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or mouse wheel: Switch weapons
  • Q, W, E, R: Activate abilities
  • Escape: Pause