The orcs are threatening the realm and you, as the kingdom official Wizard, have been sent to eliminate them all. rnYou cannot face them with your bare hands but your magic is strong, and casting spells on the environment will let you kill them all! rnBe careful because sometimes they have prisoners, and they must survive!

Brightrock Legend

Brightrock Legend

Start your adventure in Brightrock!
Fight creatures, buy new weapons, gain XP Points, collect all Gems to become Brightrock hero!
There are 3 different Combat Styles: Match Three, Match Remove, Memory.
Visit Training Center in Town to learn how to fight.
Brightrock Legend, a great Adventure-Puzzle Game by www.shimiegames.com

Oh No… Goblins!

Oh No... Goblins!

Goblins have stolen the King’s gold and you have been sent to rescue it.

Have no mercy: kill different types of goblins, take special weapons, upgrade your character through 15 XP levels to finally face the Goblin’s King, regain your Kingdom’s gold and become a Hero!

Controls: Arrow Keys to Move

              Z – Throw swords

              P – Pause Game (open options menu)

              M – Mute