Galaxy Explorer

Galaxy Explorer

In this game you need to control a spacecraft to collect resources to develop a planet. Use the arrow keys to control the spacecraft to collect the resources and then go back to the planet, you can then choose to use the collected resources to refuel, repair the ship or develop the planet. The resources will reproduce by themselves after some time, so plan carefully how to collect the resources. You win the game when you have developed the planet to level 10.

Space Monkey 2

Space Monkey 2

You must explore the outer reaches of space, but you

only have a giant rubber band that needs bananas to get


However all the bananas are floating all over the place

along with explosive barrels!

You have a few volunteer monkeys to help with the

cause, so use them wisely.

Instructions :

Using the mouse pull the monkey down and release to


A,D or Left,Right to steer the monkey mid-air

W,Space, or Up to use the monkey fart to gain a boost.