TrailerrnrnrnrnrnrnReflexION is a game seeking to combine the skill of games like pong and breakout with the intensity of a shooter.  Use and upgrade your paddle to destroy enemies using their own bullets.  Truly unique physics-based gameplay.rnPremise: A U.S. computer system has been hacked, and you’re the technician called in for the job.  Each level consists of waves of enemies who shoot at you and you use the momentum of your paddle to reflect the bullets back and kill them.rnAfter each level, players can choose an upgrade, and there are 15 achievements ranging from easy to difficult to provide replay value.rnIn addition, starting on level 3, a second enemy charge is introduced, represented by a different color, and players must change the charge of their paddle to reflect bullets from this charge, adding a new gameplay mechanic to keep things fresh.rnFeatures:rn-Unique, yet easy to learn physics based gameplayrn-Upgrade treern-10 levelsrn-15 achievementsrn-Hilarious tongue-in-cheek storylinern-Intuitive controls, keyboard and mousernInstructions:rnUse the mouse to move and reflect bullets.rnClick to shoot.rnDrag and hit shift to throw bombs.rnPress space to switch colors.rnPress control to activate super mode.



Catch the blood and guts dropping from the bloody blade, but avoid the bones!

“Looks like a worker got caught in this machine again. Better wipe up the mess before the cleaning lady finds out. And mind your fingers…”

Click and scrape up to wipe off.  Read safety notice first. Keep first aid kit at hand. Wear gloves.

Featuring :

– Three difficulty levels

– In-game tutorial: New elements are introduced during the first ten levels

– 8 squeegee sizes, 4 bonuses and 4 penalties randomly spice up the game

– Super-bonus Waterbomb for emergencies at higher levels

– Random fast blood drips

– Online scores

– Achievements

– Creepy sound effects, and lots of blood!