Switch is an addictive and yet really simple skill/puzzle game based on the premise of collecting balls. You must collect the same colour, otherwise you’ll lose all your balls, and your life. Simply click the mouse to switch colours.


The game starts off quite easily as the first 4 levels are used as a tutorial, you can choose to skip these and start directly at level 5 if you like, but it’s worthwhile going through the ground rules. Level 13 introduces a (nameless) red alien who will help you along by trading your balls for power ups.


This is the first game produced by actionsprite. We’re a small game company looking to provide great free entertainment for online play

Stickman Mountainboard

Stickman Mountainboard

Grab your board and rule rocky mountain.

Race, buy new boards, upgrades, collect achievements and most important DO TRICKS and combos!

Game features:

– 10 tracks

– 8 boards

– 6 tricks with combo mode, adrenaline rush for best players

– 5 upgrades

– 24 achievements

– great graphics, sound and addictive gameplay


Up arrow, W – acceleration

Left arrow, A – lean left

Right Arrow, D – lean right

Down Arrow, S – brake

I – woodoo trick

J – superman

K – grab

L – handstand

SPACE – jump

Grab the Jelly

Grab the Jelly

When you want some sweet stuff you never know what dangers you can face in the refrigerator. Especially in the refrigerator of a brilliant professor! Grab the Jelly and throw it on a plate avoiding different obstacles.

In Grab the Jelly, you grab and throw the jelly with your mouse.